Opening Tomorrow: Stan Douglas’ ‘Luanda-Kinshasa’


Contemporary artist Stan Douglas returns to New York’s David Zwirner tomorrow night for a debut screening of his new film Luanda-Kinshasa, which also marks the artist’s twelfth solo show at the gallery. Most famous for his academic references—many of Douglas’ pieces reference the history of culture—the artist focused his critical eye on the music industry and early 1970’s African influence in his latest project. Set in a re-visualized locale of the Columbia 30th Street Studio, the place where artists such as Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, and Glenn Gould once sang, the mockumentary follows a fictitious band of musicians as they set to record at the legendary studio. While surely no worse things could be said about the current temperatures outside, Luanda-Kinshasa is a show not to be missed.

Luanda-Kinshasa is on view at David Zwriner Gallery in New York (533 West 19th St) from January 9 – February 22.

Image courtesy of David Zwirner.