Collins Bridge eyewear has hit on a few trends that have been coming from the world of eyewear over the past few years and should be on your radar next time you’re up for a new pair of glasses. They’ve got current and expensive looking styles with downmarket prices ($98 for frames with Rx, $168 if you want your sunnies with Rx)—The soft tortoise shell of the Biltmore, smart, sleek look of the Duval and retro, circular Cooper—are all handsome. (Continued after the jump)

The brand’s based out of Miami (the names should be a dead give away) and was started by three siblings who came from a family of opticians. They realized at a young age (none of them are over 30) that they wanted to go into the business, but also, that they wanted to do something more. Collins Bridge eyewear also has a commitment to visionary philanthropic causes. We’ve gotta credit Warby Parker with starting the whole high-end-look-for-less-charity-thing, but as shoppers (and guys who love brands that give back) we’re hardly complaining that someone’s decided to branch out on the formula (Both brands give back in different ways).

Collins Bridge  does so by also addressing some of the more annoying parts of shopping for glasses online – as in – they’ll let you try them on. Pick as many frames as you want and send back the ones you don’t like, they say they won’t charge you any shipping. You’ll also find that they’ve sent you an empty box. Don’t be confused—this is where the charity part kicks in. Send back some of your old frames or glasses and Collins Bridge will refurbish them. Then, through their Non Profit Partner, Vision Health International (VHI), they’ll get sent sent to the poorest populations in the world. You get a cool new pair of glasses and someone who can’t afford a pair gets your old ones—not only are you helping the less fortunate to see, but, assuming you’ve got the kinda taste that took you to Collins Bridge eyewear, you’re also making it look a lot better too. Check out the new brand here!

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