New Alpina Horological Smartwatch Reinvents Cool

Image: Alpina.

This May, Polar exploration legend Børge Ousland and young explorer Vincent Colliard found themselves at the precipice of one of Alaska’s most dangerous glaciers, the Stikine ice-field, unsupported and armed only with a pack of supplies, tools, and Alpina Horological Smartwatches. Now available worldwide, and just as ready to be eye-candy as it is to traipse across the Alaskan wilderness, the stainless steel accessory is the latest in Alpina’s line of glossy, always functional watches.

Image: Alpina.

Water-resistant and inset with 11 diamonds, the matte dial—available in jet black or frosty white—offers a more polished and refined design with a long-lasting 2+ years of battery life and a guilloché triangle pattern that backs white, hand polished hands. The smart functions, of which there are many, include MontionX activity tracking, sleeptracker monitoring, sleep cycle alarms, and adaptive coaching that collects and stores information with a continual cloud backup, keeping the wearer healthy and stress free. True to the Alpina core values, Ousland and Colliard’s trek is just the latest in a long-standing history of exploration projects from the watch-making brand. With a timeline that includes North Pole excursions, kayaking through fjords, and crossing Patagonian icecaps, Alpina has committed over 100 years—since the company’s inception in 1883—to pushing the boundaries of human exploration with a horologist slant. The Alpina Horological Smartwatch, completed by an AL-285 quartz caliber and adjustable functions via the crown, is a sleek, technologically-heightened must, whether scaling Sawyer Ice amidst cathedrals of treacherous glacier or taking eye-catching power strides through the city.

The Alpina Horological Smartwatch is available now.