Narciso Rodriguez Weds; Provides Meat For Jessica Sandwich

Jessica Sandwhich

Jessica Seinfeld, Narciso Rodriguez, Jessica Alba


Have you had a Jessica sandwich? The ingredients are pretty basic, but relatively hard to find: You take two Jessica’s (in this instance, Alba + Seinfeld) and insert an iconic menswear designer (in this instance, Narciso Rodriguez). And there you have it! The occasion? Narciso’s wedding! Rodriguez married longtime partner Thomas Tolan on Saturday evening at Gramercy Park Hotel. Alba, one of the celebrity guests on tap, Instagram’d this shot of the trio, with the caption: “#Jessica #Sandwhich @narciso_rodriguez @jessseinfeld #narciso+Thomaswedding.” Did she spell sandwich wrong? Yes, it appears she did. Moving right along… Alba posted a second photo, with the caption, “My heart @narciso_rodriguez and the lovely Thomas #perfect #Couple #truelove xoxo.” We wish the #perfect #Couple all the best.


Narciso Rodriguez and Thomas Tolan

Narcisco Rodriguez and Thomas Tolan