A Look at Messika’s Debut Men’s Collection

For nearly half a century, Parisian jeweler André Messika has been at the forefront of the diamond trading industry. Now his daughter, Valérie Messika, is merging her family’s old-world expertise with a fresh take on everyday jewelry for her own namesake line. Her debut men’s collection, Move Titanium, pushes diamonds into completely new territory, taking inspiration from tribal and punk influences. Brushed silver-gray titanium serves as a strong anchor for her pieces, be they an ergonomic cuff, band ring or bold cuff links. The Messika signature is the oval inset with a panel that features one to three diamonds that can slide (safely) along a discreetly hidden rail. Messika was originally drawn to create this movement from a childhood memory of her father playing with diamonds in his hands, each one practically glowing as it caught the light.