MAC Jeans Releases Autumn/Winter 2016 Lookbook

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Images: MAC.

German-born and bred on innovative textile interpretations, MAC Jeans releases its Autumn/Winter 2016 collection in a stylishly debonair lookbook. Technologically inventive while conceptually simple, the collection focuses on slim fits throughout a family of fabric blends. The leader of the pack, Tricotine denim, is on full display – an elastic alteration of the classic textile that keeps true to the pants’ now famous silhouette. Sustainable coloring procedures, part of the company’s aim to promote Earth-friendly alternatives, utilize plant derived pigments to dye all of the season’s smoky grey, oxblood red, and deep blue pieces, providing a truer, deeper palette through which to work. Inspired by 14th century opulence and European Feudal Age design aesthetics, calling the collection “classic” would be an understatement, though pieces – like the mixed chino and sweat pant varietal “jog ‘n jeans” – pepper the line with a spry flair. Keep an eye out for subtle design accents like leather trims and utility zips in this well thought out and aptly executed collection.