Launched Today: The Banana Republic Milly Collection For Him

Banana Republic Milly Collection For Him Michelle Smith Hamptons

Two cool bits of news today. First, the launch of the Hamptons-inspired Banana Republic Milly collection and within, the second—the first ever collection for men from Milly designer Michelle Smith. For the guys there are 16 pieces—knit button ups, V-neck Ts, polos and straight cut shorts—that marry Milly’s penchant for shabby, vintage-chic with Banana Republic’s brand of polite sophistication. The floral print button up and shorts pop for statement-worthy occasions, but there’s also the micro-print oxford, which is a good pick for a night out at say, Ruschmeyer’s or the sleek settings of Sole East. The polos, V-necks and less ostentatious oxfords are easy choices for when maybe you’re one minute by the pool at the new Capri hotel, another minute downing beers at Zum Schneider. Ok, that’s a lot of Montauk in there but yeah, same difference these days. Shop the collection at Banana Republic Stores or online at bananarepublic.com