Is Brad Pitt Getting a Heart-Shaped Island for his Big 5-0?


December 18th is fast approaching, and you know what that means. One week until Christmas? Yes, sure, but of equal importance in the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt household: Papa Brad’s 50th birthday.

According to reports, Jolie, recognizing Pitt’s avid love for architect Frank Lloyd Wright, purchased Petra, the $20-million dollar island fifty-miles from New York City. The 11-acre island contains two Lloyd Wright-designed properties — a 5,000-square foot main residence and a 1,200 square-foot cottage — as well as a landing pad for drop-in visitors (like us?).

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And while, sure, buying islands can be categorized as “excessive”, they’re both above decent actors and it’s as good an opportunity as any to revisit the fact that Brad & Angie do a lot of good for the non-island-buying populous:

Featured image courtesy of People; article images Courtesy of Splash/Private Islands Online .