Italian Stallions: Diesel and Ducati

Its hard not to salivate over the impressive piece of machinery that sits center stage in Diesel’s Soho boutique. The bike gleams in mint condition with its black leather seat, muted military green body and gorgeous 2 valve engine amid a furry of activity as Diesel and Ducati ready themselves for the exclusive launch of the Italian brand’s first ever collaboration. (Images and party shots after the jump)

“We had been talking about doing something for years,” Stefano Rosso, the project’s leader and son of Diesel founder Renzo Rossi, tells us, “but nothing made much sense until [Diesel] signed on as a sponsor of the Ducati Team in MotoGP”. That sponsorship, borne out of Renzo Rossi’s lifelong love of the Ducati brand, began in early 2011. Before that, the two brands existed as mutually respective leaders in Italian bravado.

The first thing you notice about the bike (an updated version of Ducati’s 1110evo) is it the simplicity of its sheer radiance, but soon you begin to realize that there are gems in the details. The Diesel and Ducati brands come together in style and design rather than in bombastic branding. The 100% leather seat (a rare find among bikes these days), the small diesel logo akin to the ones you’re accustomed to finding on the pockets of their jeans adorns a small side of the seat, and the air intakes have two silver plaques with a finely imprinted “Mohican” Diesel logo. Ducati’s black Trellis frame, wheels and engine cover play host to an exclusive Diesel Brave military green color in other places while the front brake calipers are finished in a pop of yellow. The Ducati label lives in embossed rubber to the side of the body. Other

A member of the Diesel team wipes some errant dust off the body and someone else tosses a black sheet back over the bike. After a year or so of collaborating, they clearly want the bike to look its tip top best at the launch party about to take place in the store.

“When you have an iconic brand who shares our values, its easy to work together.” Stefano relates about the year long process of creating the bike and the capsule. “There was back and forth with it, but the collaboration was easy,” he adds.

The capsule collection, which will be available in Diesel Stores as well as online, does not disappoint. “The MotoGP patch on the shoulder of the jacket is the same tattoo that my father (Renzo) has on his shoulder,” Stefano points out on the beautiful nylon jackets. Inside is a hint of Diesel’s irreverence as a skillfully designed skull centers the phrase, “Chew My Rubber.” Two nylon jackets are available in both bright red and black and there is a denim version as well.

The denim jeans, with their reinforced seems behind the knees and red stitching degails, are made to wear and tear along with bike riding (or whatever activity you may find yourself getting into). Each pair will eventually develop in ways particular to the owner. Silk scarves, hoodies and T-shirts round out the capsule.

“If this capsule sells and it is a success, there may be another collection to follow,” Stefano said of a longer future between Diesel and Ducati. Judging by the party, which drew Diesel and Ducati fans like Adrien Brody, Dax Shepard and Eric Balfour, we’re pretty sure you can expect much more to come from the two Italian powerhouses.