Happy New Year, Man Spends 158K on Surgery to Become “Real Life Ken Doll”


Because there are people out there under the assumption that Channing Tatum Ryan Gosling Brad Pitt Ken (as in Barbie’s one-time lover) is the sexiest man alive, and because some people believe in extremes measures as a way to beautify their exterior, we give you Justin Jedlica. The 32-year-old-man helped TLC ring in the New Year with the season premiere of My Strange Addiction, showcasing a not-so-subtle addiction that rhymes with schrastic furgery. $158,000 worth of it. Looking like a human wasn’t the goal, according to Jedlica, it just… kinda… happened. Even his plastic surgeon told him it looked cartoonish, but the “real life Ken doll” paid him no mind (just the $158K), calling his surgeries an “artform.”

A word from Jedlica: “I’ve had 125 procedures and spent $158,000 to make me really resemble a doll. My chest was first, then moved on to bicep implants, tricep implants, brow shave, brow lift and I started having a couple of nose revisions — they all get a little fuzzy after a while — but at the end I’ve had five nose jobs now.”

His official website is well worth a gander.

Images courtesy of Lifetime Network and Justin Jedlica’s Facebook.