Five Ways to Fight Chronic Oily Skin

skincareImage: Daily Inbox. 

Even though the chill has pretty much set in and most are looking towards moisturizers, quite a few of us still have to worry about oily skin. In fact 30 percent of guys say they have oily skin as a year-round problem. So of course, while the dog days of summer—with their thick humid heat—have passed, oils and grime can still clog the pores and make your face as slick as you thought your last pick-up line was. Those facts make finding a solution, or five, that work key to putting your best face forward. Thankfully for you, we’ve done just that.



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For every product, there’s usually a natural solution. Sometimes it takes a little longer, and it might only be effective for mild cases, but it’s the preferred route for the guys out there that are more adverse to risk. So for you, we say simply: diligence. A change up in dietary habits—the adage to cut out the fatty and greasy foods—as well as a regimented cleansing schedule could be the trick to save some face. Wash your skin twice a day—each time, first with warm water to open the pores and then cold to close—and pat dry. Funnily enough, too much cleansing could dry your skin out, in turn, causing excess oil production.