Firmenich Opens a Fine Fragrance Atelier in Shanghai

Firmenich, the largest privately-owned fragrance company, has opened the first fine fragrance atelier in China’s capital. The new atelier is set to deliver creativity, ingredients, technology, innovation, and sustainability to the fragrance industry of the East. The development team will focus on China-driven initiatives to strengthen its local support in the region. Since China’s fragrance market has grown by 15% last year, customers are clearly looking for quality products.


“When I’m in China, I’m touched by both its tradition and modernity. China is a huge source of inspiration. It is a country of contrasts, with a rich history of perfumery in ceremonies, rituals, performances, and cuisine, yet China also exemplifies innovation through its consumers, cities, and culture,” Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson said in a statement. The team of innovative perfumers is set to embody Chinese practices in its fragrances.