Favorite Five: Richard Chai Fall 2013

Lead ImageRichard Chai presented a collection of well tailored mood. Slightly militant, slightly dandy…There’s a gorgeous reflective graphite top coat that pops, but the rest is in the subtle details. See the collection and our favorites after the jump.




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Favorite Five

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    Window panes for worldly pursuits.

  • _VIE2068.450x675

    A different take on the epaulet.

  • _VIE2029.450x675

    Small details make big impacts.

  • _VIE1843.450x675

    It's really dark and we like.

  • _VIE1771.450x675

  • calvin-klein-collection-m-f13-look_ph_lecca,dan_017
  • calvin-klein-collection-m-f13-look_ph_lecca,dan_018
  • calvin-klein-collection-m-f13-look_ph_lecca,dan_029
  • calvin-klein-collection-m-f13-look_ph_lecca,dan_032



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