The Eckhaus Latta x HotelTonight Travel Kit Has You Set

Ahead of holiday hysteria, Eckhaus Latta has released its own custom travel kit. Made in partnership with travel app HotelTonight, the compact set of goods is a beacon of light in the dark tunnel that is holiday travel. Plus, it’s essentially one less set of bathroom goods you need to steal!

The collection comes in a bright orange fanny pack for your on-the-go needs. Inspired by Eckhaus Latta founders Mike Eckhaus’ and Zoe Latta’s own personal travel favorites, the kit is replete with a curated selection of goods that aim to provide simple relief against the woes of holiday travel: a satin eye mask (to sleep glamorously), a Zizia botanical trio (for aromatic relief if you’re into that), toothpaste (good breath indicates good manners), tea (when simple gossip won’t do), and, most importantly, HotelTonight gift cards.

The Eckhaus Latta x HotelTonight travel kit is available online now.

Images: Thomas McCarty.

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