Drake’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Lookbook

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Images: Drake’s.

Quintessentially British, Drake’s Autumn/Winter 2016 lookbook is a break from tradition and a full embrace of the completely uniformed collection, featuring Jason Jules, the British designer and writer, and model Eshan Kali – both icons of British style. The undisputed highlight, and major milestone for the brand itself, is that, for the first time since Drake’s inception, the label will be offering its own British-made denim and dress trousers, allowing the full ideology of the campaign to showcase itself properly from head to toe.

Focusing on the outdoors and the incredible wildlife that Britain offers, the collection draws subtle comparisons to the unkempt and unruly tendencies of the natural world, internalizing the external within its fabrics. Jackets become rustic, knitwear becomes purposeful, and texture takes an important front seat as all pieces combine for the perfect outdoorsman ensemble. Bold yet tasteful, the collection is an ideal way to profess a love of all things wild while staying true to a classic British tailoring, one that has proved its immense staying power through the decades. Pair a bright vest with a dark overcoat and top with a true explorer’s beanie to let an exciting adventure begin.