Dooney & Bourke’s New Luggage Has You Set for Life

Image: Dooney & Bourke.

Fashion fades, but a good luggage set should be eternal. Thankfully Dooney & Bourke have the solution to your problems right before the traveling season really starts to test you. The Connecticut-based leather goods label has relaunched its mens collection with a series of products that are elegant, durable and timeless. Featuring a series of luxuriously utilitarian travel goods including duffel bags, messenger bags, and briefcases, each product is made with pure Florentine and Italian leather. Additionally, leather bound notebooks and document holders will fare well for the creative in your life, while their wallets make a suitable gift for any gentleman, any occasion.

So while flight delays and general airport anxiety might get you down, rest assure that all your goods will be protected with Dooney & Bourke’s classic leather collection, available online now