DJ David Picard Strips Down for Charlie by Matthew Zink


Matthew Zink’s eponymous underwear line, Charlie by Matthew Zink, isn’t bashful when it comes to featuring really good looking people wearing next to nothing. It comes with the territory of underwear/swimsuit design. Complaints? None here. For the first look at their Charlie by Matthew Zink Fatigue Collection, photographer Greg Vaughan recruited Toronto-based Photographer/DJ David Picard (who he conveniently found on Instagram via the #charliefan hashtag) to strip down to his skivvies. We chatted briefly with Picard to find out how this all came about.

“I’d taken a few shots of [myself] in Charlie in Hawaii, then Miami, then Tulum – wanting to send them to Matthew and show the love, but they never lived up to my vision. Then recently, I was preparing for a shoot and my model called in sick, so I got into my gold briefs, took some self-portraits, and fired them off to Matthew. I guess the response to the images was good, [because] Matthew approached me about posing for a full shoot in NYC. Serendipity struck, as I got his message I was arriving in New York on a flight from Toronto. [A] few more emails back and forth and we shot a couple days later in Brooklyn.”

As for what the experience was like, “Totally relaxed vibe, just the four of us. Lots of laughs. And the boys were troopers to listen to the after-hours tech and circuit I was playing all day. We got right into the headspace of the military recruit—from nervous but cocky enlister to confident officer—and found the perfect narrative for the new Fatigue collection. Lots of sweat, some muscle, and just enough grit. I think it’s a great personality for the collection and still has a strength that’s totally in line with the luxury of the brand. It’s always a welcome change to be in front of the camera instead of behind it, [you] never know what that change in energy will inspire.”

The result goes as follows:


Images courtesy of Greg Vaughan.