Dessert for Dinner in NYC With Joe Cash

In a city of endless eats, sometimes one just has too many options — we narrow it down with the help of a chef. Joe Cash is the Chef De Cuisine at The Pool, one of New York City’s premiere dining destinations. Cash has spent time working on top kitchens such as Thomas Keller’s Per Se and Rene Redzepi’s Noma in Copenhagen before returning to New York. 

It has been only recently that dessert has been taken seriously– as a meal of its own. Who minds a dessert meal instead of a tasting menu anyway? Unfortunately, dessert palaces are still a bit scarce in NYC, but here, Joe Cash helps us narrow down New York’s most coveted dessert destinations–

ChikaLicious – 203 E 10th St


Photo: Courtesy of DanielFoodDiary

“A tasting counter in the Lower East Side, ChikaLicious serves 3 sweet courses that you can accompany with desert wine. A quick sugar rush, not to be missed.”

Per Se (Salon) – 10 Columbus Circle


Photo: Courtesy of Deborah Jones

“A steady stream of delights, Anna Bolz’ ever changing 5 course dessert tasting menu packs a punch. The food, the service, and the view are always breathtaking.”

Empellon Midtown – 510 Madison Ave


Photo: Courtesy of Eater NY

“I’ve been a fan of Alex Stupak since since his days at WD-50. His deserts are always delicious with bright flavors and fun executions. The avocado with eucalyptus is an insanely cool dish.”

Serendipity 3 

Serendipipty 3

Photo: Courtesy of Darrow Montgomery

“Although I like to play coy when my sister comes into town and drags me here, the Forbidden Broadway Sunday is a guilty pleasure of mine. She, of course, gets the frozen hot chocolate.”

The Pool – 99 E 52nd St

The Pool

Photo: Courtesy of THE POOL

“Call me biased but Stephanie Prida is putting out the best desserts in New York City. From the mainstay frozen yogurt to the new kafir lime and pistachio to the strawberry and shiso bombe, her flavors, textures, and techniques are unparalleled.”