Cologne Symphony from Louis Vuitton

Inspired by the cool Pacific Ocean waters and the contagious laissez-faire vibes of California, Louis Vuitton creates a sensorial feast through the West Coast with three new unisex colognes. The fragrances, titled Afternoon Swim, Cactus Garden, and Sun Song, encase a summer symphony in colored flacons. Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud bottled the summery potions with rare and natural floral and citrus materials that reveal a beautifully tender nature. Sun Song elevates elegant notes of orange blossoms grown in Grasse, France, while Cactus Garden delves into exotic tea with a complex tropical effect. Afternoon Swim is citrus heaven of bergamot. Each scent is wrapped in special packaging designed by artist Alex Israel, reflecting the unique nature of Los Angeles while also spinning off the theme of a cross-country road trip. Light and unimposing, the trio is the ultimate announcement and reminder of summer’s arrival.

All three fragrances, $250, are available at and select stores.