Calvin Klein White Label’s Poolside Spring 2015 Presentation in NYC

calvin-klein-s15-press-event-111214_ph_neil-rasmus-bfa-nyc-com-832Image: Calvin Klein.

Yesterday, November 12, 2014, Calvin Klein‘s ultra-casual White Label revealed a hidden oasis smack dab in the middle of New York City’s urban landscape. From new iterations of the brand’s logo-shouting underwear (#mycalvins) to worn-in feeling denim, and even stretchy, beach-ready trunks—alongside a reminder to hit the gym—the presentation pitched a modern nod toward athletic grace. Culminating into a metropolitan and monochromatic palette of concrete grays, chalk whites, and cool blacks, the laser-cut, laid back apparel offered just the right amount of pool party fun as it did tailored appeal.

calvin-klein-s15-press-event-111214_ph_neil-rasmus-bfa-nyc-com-986Image: Calvin Klein.

calvin-klein-s15-press-event-111214_ph_neil-rasmus-bfa-nyc-com-851Image: Calvin Klein.

calvin-klein-s15-press-event-111214_ph_neil-rasmus-bfa-nyc-com-849Image: Calvin Klein.

calvin-klein-s15-press-event-111214_ph_neil-rasmus-bfa-nyc-com-836Image: Calvin Klein.