Boast + Blank You Very Much: Vote for….

Boast + Blank You Very Much: Vote for....

Reality singing competitions step aside, seriously, cause BOAST is here and has partnered with Blank You Very Much for a competition that, well, won’t make you tacitly responsible for unleashing mediocrity unto the world (d’oh!).  BOAST will be launching limited edition products (t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats) through a design contest focused on all the unsung heros of design/pop culture (a not prop’d enough  crew of people who really could use some good stuff to put in their portfolios)—up-and-coming graphic artists.  With the design round now a wrap, phase two, the selection process, goes out to the public.  During this time, fans/people bored at their computers at work will be able to vote for their favorite designs.  You know the drill by now: More votes = Greater chances of winning.  Winning what, you might ask?  The best designs will be featured site-wide and printed on custom blanks (check their site to see exactly what that means). The voting polls are open now until January 31st, just go to and start critiquing now.


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