Travel: The Everything Passport Sleeve

Fumbling around for passports, pens, forms, cards and, oh yeah…boarding passes probably isn’t quite the look you’ll be hoping for this summer. As you’re jet setting through the airports of the world’s most glamorous destinations this summer, it’s best to be organized. And really, the dashing gentleman will find the de-cluttering of his border-patrol pile the perfect opportunity to add some personality. There are some beautiful options—Want Les Essentials has a beautifully embossed leather passport holder ($120) here, Felisi has a rugged, two-tone leather one ($195) here, and Flight001 brings it all retro style ($10) here. We love each and everyone of those picks, but Bellroy’s just put something out that’s upped the ante. Their Passport Sleeve Wallet ($99.95) comes with a micro pen nicely hidden in within the confines of the leather sleeve, meaning no having to awkwardly dig through your bag to find one, or worse…use borrowed public pens.

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