At the Intersection of Shirting & Whisky…

Close Up Recipe on Sleeve

Shirts are great. So’s whisky. When the two come together: Expect greatness. Jeremy Argyle has teamed up with Scotch’s “famously cheeky cousin” Monkey Shoulder Whisky to create a limited edition shirt. The blue and brown plaid shirt is accented by the Monkey Shoulder logo — three monkeys! — resting on the shoulder. And for the forgetful types, or those that can’t say no to the sauce, flip up the cuff for a hidden recipe of the Monkey Jam Sour. “Every man knows the value of having an ace up their sleeve. We just chose to stitch it right on there,” says Brian Guttman, founder and designer behind Jeremy Argyle. The shirt goes on sale today — October 7th — and is available online and in both the SoHo and West Village Jeremy Argyle stores, retailing at $148.00.