Are Nothing New Shoes of the Future?

Footwear brand Nothing New aims to provide an environmentally friendly sneaker, a hybrid between your typical Converse/Vans, but without contributing waste to the environment. Perhaps one of these days we won’t need to mention words like “vegan,” “upcycled,” and “environmentally conscious” because it will be standard, but it is important to note the number of fashion brands taking sustainability seriously.


This sneaker is made with no virgin plastic, meaning that all materials included in the shoe have been upcycled. Nothing New truly embodies the ideology of creating products from materials that already exist. The outer sole of the sneaker is made from recycled cork white the toe cap is made of recycled rubber and the shoe tag from recycled cotton. The procedure of upcycling simply takes the existing plastic and repurposes it (which can be done continuously). Since plastic is not biodegradable, the practice of taking existing plastic and giving it a new life without discarding it into landfills is a sustainable way to take care of both plastic and future products. The shoe comes in white, red, blue, grey, and jet-black options perfect for any summer day. Customers are even encouraged to send their used sneakers back to receive a discount off of their next pair.