APC’s Fifth Store in the US is Its Fourth in New York City


Around the clock subways, Starbucks on Starbucks on Starbucks, and overnight FreshDirect service to your door? Nobody ever said New Yorkers weren’t greedy! APC’s new location in Manhattan’s Bowery/NoHo district (opened at 49 Bond St earlier last month) isn’t exaclty helping this. A mere four streets away from their SoHo outpost, the new shop makes US store number five for the artesianal french brand, three of which having already existed in The Big Apple. The big difference with Bond, though, is that it marks the appearance of the first two-floor boutique for the label. Built in collaboration with architect Laurent Deroo, the new location sings the same song of strong minimalism that APC is known for, while introducing warm notes of luxury detailing such as pale oak and parquet flooring.

APC is now open at 49 Bond St.

Images courtesy of APC.