And Now…A $125 Bar of Soap

You might call this bar of soap a 2-in-1 but that sounds cheap, which Cor Silver is not. But still, this soap does a lot more than clean.  The most noteworthy of its extraordinary powers is its claim of boosting the power of your sunscreen. It uses something called Sericin—a protein they gather exclusively from the mulberry silkworm that contains natural broadspectrum SPF protection and the interesting quality of not fully washing off the body—supposedly leaving a protective film of sunscreen on your body well after you’ve rinsed off. (The FDA has granted their seal of approval.) It also has something called Chitosan (a natural fiber used in diet pills) that will absorb and wash away those unwanted oils. But more than offering sun protection its got nano-silver to create an excellent natural defense against acne causing bacteria, and marine collagen—one of the best sources of renewable collagen to keep your skin looking young. Top it off with plenty of moisturizing humectants, jojoba, aloe, avocado and pomegranate. To be sure we’d much prefer to spend $125 on a body wash (or a pair of shoes), but Cor Silver has packed so much into this block of amber colored soap that for some, it may be a worthy addition to your summer sun care routine. Check them out here!