Louis W. for A.P.C.’s Fashion Film for Autumn/Winter 2015

Video: A.P.C.

Louis W. for A.P.C. presents “Comfort,” a new short accompanying its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. The collection—inspired by traditional British menswear—offers a classy selection of parkas, bombers, and cashmere and wool knit sweaters. Written and directed by Grant Curatola and Louis Levy, and shot on Kodak film, the film portrays the romance between two girls – Coco (Zaga Skerletovic) and ­Syd (Sasha Frolova). The movie starts with Coco lying in bed and having a casual conversation with her boyfriend Bruno (Bruno Di Corcia), telling him that she has met a new friend. Unsuspecting of where this would go Bruno asks, “Is she pretty?” As the two girls start spending more time together—jogging in the park, hanging out in Coco’s apartment, and dancing at night—the film becomes erotically charged, showing them whispering in each other’s ear and finally kissing. With “Comfort”—reflecting the narrative of Autumn/Winter 2015—A.P.C. and Louis W. continue to make not only fashion, but also captivating entertainment.