A Few 30-Day Workout Challenges Just in Time for Summer

Summer is lurking right around the corner and if you haven’t kept true to your #fitnessgoal oriented New Year’s resolution, don’t panic. After a bit of browsing on Pinterest, we’ve rounded up a few of the best 30-day fitness challenges to help get you back on track for the summer. Read on.


For abs:


So this simple month-long ab boot camp is intense — by the end of it, you’ll be doing 155 crunches and day. But what makes this one (courtesy of fitness author Neila Rey) extra thorough is that it offers a variety of 3 exercises so that you end up with true core strength and (ideally) visible definition by the end of it. Here’s another one that instead mixes planks, knee crunches, and mountain climbers. Start with one of these and you’ll abs-solutley (sorry) be ready to take your shirt off.


For pecs:



This push-up challenge by Juan Lugo Fitness focuses on building strength and endurance. While push-ups are a great workout for the whole body, the exercise really targets the chest. It’s more of a slow burner, but you’ll be able to test your stamina and monitor your development over the course of 30 days and essentially complete 50 push-ups in one go when you’re done.


For glutes:


Courtesy of Livestrong, this squat intensive is sure to sculpt your glutes into the stuff of Roman statues. With squats, it’s all about form (don’t let your knees bend past your toes, keep your back straight, etc) so when tackling over 50 a day, keep that in mind. This challenge is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, here’s a challenge that mixes abs and glute exercises. Good luck out there.