Victorinox Reinvents Travel With Hardside Case

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Image: Victorinox.

Technologically adept Victorinox brings its razor-sharp design techniques to traveling with the new Lexicon Hardside collection. Created with the same knife’s edge precision known to its multifunctional products, the Swiss brand offers a suitcase complete with more packing space, due to its recessed wheel and handle design, and an ultra-sleek finish. The cherry on top? The hidden, sliding ID tag which houses a USB port and SIM card replacement tool—the gentleman’s answer to the multifunctional Swiss Army Knife. Utilizing a battery pack for charging on the go and all the luxury of a carryon size, the brand’s response to the hassles of travel make layovers and head-ache inducing delays seem like a sleek breeze.

The Victorinox Lexicon Hardside collection is available online now.

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