Trending Tunes: Xander Zhou SS18 Runway Soundtrack

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Trending Tunes
Image: Xander Zhou.

Trending Tunes:

Change your sonic game with ESSENTIAL HOMME‘s Trending Tunes, spinning the hottest Spring/Summer 2018 runway tracks from around the world. Pass the aux cord and let the beats inspire.

The mix:

Soundtrack from Xander Zhou‘s Spring/Summer 2018 runway show for London Fashion Week Men’s by Lukas Heerich.

Cyborgs & Heroes, featuring the following:

01. “Kir Royal” – Carlos Perón – “Kir Royal”
02. “Trance Lament” – Clu – “Trance Lament”
03. “Machine Envy” – The Person –
04. “JL-CSG II” – Ø
05. “XZ 1” – Lukas Heerich
06. “Nautilus” – Anna Meredith
07. “Peace Enforcement” – Whistleblower
08. “40oz Angel” – Dutch E Germ
09. “Lux æterna” – György Ligeti
10. “655321” – The Person
11. “Koituva” – Ø
12. “anagram c.i.y” – Hatis Noit
13. “Destino” – Granite Mask
14. “Chimeras 2011 (live)” – Tim Hecker
15. “Chordal Graphs” – Wim Mertens
17. “Responsibility to Protect” – Whistleblower
18. “Flash Pattern” – Gage

Audio: Lukas Heerich, courtesy of Xander Zhou.


Neither ESSENTIAL HOMME nor Xander Zhou claim ownership of any of these songs. If you have ownership of music in this playlist and wish to not be included, please contact us at INFO [at] and we will remove immediately.


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