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Watch Seth Rogen Ponder If Leonardo Da Vinci Circumcised Zac Efron

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“That was a great dick!” the stars of Workaholics cheer as Zac Efron reveals his most private part to the boys, along with co-star Seth Rogen, in a new promotional video for their upcoming film Neighbors. The premise of the skit is simple/awesome: there’s one open spot in the TelAmeriCorp cubicle and the lead contenders are the two hollywood actors, both of whom are vying to impress Blake, Adam, and Anders. Though they’re initially told they both have a pretty good shot for the job, the trio quickly fall victim to Efron’s charm.

Efron takeaways include:

  • He’s plowed a lot of chicks. More than two hands worth. “You go onto your toes, for sure.”
  • He can blow up a vibe and turn it sexy.
  • He’s 26, “the best age.”
  • He’s down with the new hipsters, not the old kind of hipsters, but the kind that “surf and shit.”
  • He’s — bombshell — Jewish.
  • His dick, according to Rogen, is “f*cking gorgeous” and his balls “have a six-pack.”



In conclusion: Efron “freakin’ rules,” his body is “so hard,” and his eyes are “like the ocean.”

Just watch the video:


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How To Believe in Love Again Post Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s Divorce


Love as a source of joy and inspiration is officially over. The reason? The love once shared between funny girl Amy Poehler and funny guy Will Arnett is kaput. Though the separation was announced in September of 2012, many still held out hope for a reconciliation, despite the birth of romances between Pohler and comedian Nick Kroll and Arnett canoodling with Billy Joel’s ex-wife, Katie Lee. The once-couple first began dating in 2000 before Arnett placed a ring on it in 2003. She guest-starred on his show Arrested Development four times and then he guest starred on her show Parks & Recreationas funny couples should do when they are a part of funny shows. Not wanting to kill the laughter, they teamed up again and again in a number of films like Blades of Glory, Horton Hears a Who!, On Broadway, Monsters vs. Aliens, and the supremely underrated Spring Breakdown. Sadly, life is not all waffles and banana stands. It’s a sad day to be funny.

How to believe in love again:





Image courtesy of Here She Goes Again, Cindy Ord/Getty Images, and Time Life Pictures/DMI/Time Life Pictures.

Attention Creatives, Prada Has a Competition for You


Think you’ve got a little bit of Truman Capote in you? Some Stephen King? Or some David Sedaris? Prada and publishing group Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore are pleased to announce the second edition of Prada Journal, a prize reserved for emerging literary voices. Last year’s inaugural go-round saw 1,300 manuscripts submitted, written in over 30 languages. Five winners were selected and each awarded €5000 for their short stories, which were read out loud by Jonathan Ames, Zoe Kazan, Anthony Mackie, Jay McInerney, and Gary Shteyngart at an event held at the Prada Epicenter Store in Soho last Fall.

For this year’s iteration, writers from around the globe are encouraged to submit an original piece of work that explores the visual universe through words; understanding the transformation that we are undergoing today and how society will change tomorrow. Writers can use the brand’s eyewear collection as inspiration and the Prada Journal as a starting point in order to express ideas that pave the way for change.

PR 11QV 1AB-1O1 PR 11QV DHP-1O1

The winners will be selected by a panel of international publishing experts whose names will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. For more info, and to submit, click here.

Images courtesy of Prada. 

Camper Unveils First Foray Into Sunglasses

Bodegon_Nendo_02 mh

It was only a matter of time that Spanish shoemakers Camper launched their very first sunglass collection. Eclipse, a collaboration with renowned Japanese architecture studio NENDO, takes inspiration from the visual effect of two separate yet coinciding materials. For these sunglasses in particular, the elements at play are two different colored lenses that are sandwiched on top of one another, an effect that gradually fades at the lenses’ edges. “The lenses slide perfectly together without any space between them, thus avoiding any risk of air bubbles, says Oki Sato of NENDO Studios.

Bodegon_Nendo_01 mh

The Eclipse sunglasses come in three color combinations: brown/grey, blue/gradient-black, and red/green, and will be available for purchase ($190 each) starting in June 2014.

Images courtesy of Camper.

Stars Be Like, “I’m At Coachella!”


Paris Hilton, Minnie Driver, David Hasslehoff, Diddy, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Katy Perry — how’s that for a line-up — are just a gaggle of the starstuds and studettes that cavorted at the first weekend of this year’s Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. And while some adopted a #Nochella attitude about this year’s proceedings, many stars are embracing their fauxhemian ways, outfitted in their Cali-desert finest and enjoying a slice of “we’re just like everybody else” realness. Roll call:

Paris Hilton:

Lindsay Lohan:

Joe Jonas:

Justin Bieber:

Emmy Rossum:


Mary J. Blige

Kellan Lutz:

Selena Gomez:

Kylie Jenner:

Kendall Jenner:


Vanessa Hudgens:

Aaron Paul:

Lea Michele:

Jared Leto:


Emma Roberts:

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