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The ‘Friends’ TV Reunion is… “Not Happening”


On Monday night, David Letterman went there when he asked Gale Weathers Courtney Cox the question that “everyone keeps wanting [him] to ask.” Will there be a Friends reunion? Something? Anything? “It’s not going to happen,” Cox answered point blank. “How many friends are we talking about? Are there 8? Something like that?” the Late Show host asked.

There’s six, Dave:

  • Ross, the paleontologist
  • Rachel, the merchandising manager for Ralph Lauren
  • Chandler, the IT procurement manager (huh?)
  • Monica, the chef
  • Joey, the actor
  • Phoebe, the masseuse


“Let me tell you something, there’s six friends. And I’ve been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years. It doesn’t happen. I can get the girls to come. Maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc cancelled last time right at the last minute. Schwimmer lives here. It’s not gonna happen.”

Get it together, LeBlanc. Stop cancelling!


Images courtesy of CBS and NBC.

Here’s Every Celebrity Jared Leto’s Posed with on Instagram

Jared copy

Jared Leto is a total poser. He’s mugged with everyone from Kanye to Mckayla Maroney, John Waters to Axl Rose, David Beckham to Elton John, Robert Redford to Corey Feldman, and of course, what is a listicle without a pic with Mama Leto and Mama Oprah. We did a deep dive, cycling back to June, 2012 — Leto’s Instagram beginnings — to chronologically collect all of Leto’s celebrity “friends” and assemble them here. The take-away: Leto is handsome, Leto likes to point at (famous) people, and Leto knows everyone, including Jesus Christ.

 Images courtesy of Instagram.

Rihanna’s 420 Easter Bunny VS Miley’s 420 Easter Bunny


Yesterday was the first Easter to fall on 4/20 since 2003 — so not that long ago, really. Many took the opportunity to celebrate both Resurrection Sunday as well as the other “high holiday,” but none more publicly than two of Instagram’s biggest Queen B’s: Rihanna (12.7 million followers) and Miley Cyrus (10.6 million followers). Launching an inadvertent bunny-to-bunny quest to claim the crown of Instagram’s highest affections.


Cyrus, who’s currently cooped up in a hospital after canceling the remainder of the US leg of her Bangerz Tour in light of “a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics,” shared a bunnified version of herself complete with bunny ears, a heart-shaped nose, and a smoking carrot in her mouth. A not-so-subtle nod to the toke stick.


As for badgalriri, she sexed up her holiday by embodying the bunny, donning her head with a bunny ears beanie and completed the look with a mesh tank top with black reefers covering her naughty bits.

So who was the most ‘liked’ in all the Insta-land? Cyrus, with 742K likes, sailed past Rihanna’s 638K.

Images courtesy of Instagram and Tumblr.

Watch Seth Rogen Ponder If Leonardo Da Vinci Circumcised Zac Efron

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.20.15 AM

“That was a great dick!” the stars of Workaholics cheer as Zac Efron reveals his most private part to the boys, along with co-star Seth Rogen, in a new promotional video for their upcoming film Neighbors. The premise of the skit is simple/awesome: there’s one open spot in the TelAmeriCorp cubicle and the lead contenders are the two hollywood actors, both of whom are vying to impress Blake, Adam, and Anders. Though they’re initially told they both have a pretty good shot for the job, the trio quickly fall victim to Efron’s charm.

Efron takeaways include:

  • He’s plowed a lot of chicks. More than two hands worth. “You go onto your toes, for sure.”
  • He can blow up a vibe and turn it sexy.
  • He’s 26, “the best age.”
  • He’s down with the new hipsters, not the old kind of hipsters, but the kind that “surf and shit.”
  • He’s — bombshell — Jewish.
  • His dick, according to Rogen, is “f*cking gorgeous” and his balls “have a six-pack.”



In conclusion: Efron “freakin’ rules,” his body is “so hard,” and his eyes are “like the ocean.”

Just watch the video:


Images courtesy of YouTube.

How To Believe in Love Again Post Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s Divorce


Love as a source of joy and inspiration is officially over. The reason? The love once shared between funny girl Amy Poehler and funny guy Will Arnett is kaput. Though the separation was announced in September of 2012, many still held out hope for a reconciliation, despite the birth of romances between Pohler and comedian Nick Kroll and Arnett canoodling with Billy Joel’s ex-wife, Katie Lee. The once-couple first began dating in 2000 before Arnett placed a ring on it in 2003. She guest-starred on his show Arrested Development four times and then he guest starred on her show Parks & Recreationas funny couples should do when they are a part of funny shows. Not wanting to kill the laughter, they teamed up again and again in a number of films like Blades of Glory, Horton Hears a Who!, On Broadway, Monsters vs. Aliens, and the supremely underrated Spring Breakdown. Sadly, life is not all waffles and banana stands. It’s a sad day to be funny.

How to believe in love again:





Image courtesy of Here She Goes Again, Cindy Ord/Getty Images, and Time Life Pictures/DMI/Time Life Pictures.