A Celebrity Certified Mid-Summer Workout

With more beach time on the horizon and even less to get ready, here are all the tips you need to run, lift, eat, and motivate yourself to that perfect, A-lister summer physique.

Image: Tony Molina.

Q: An optimal training routine for fast results?

“To rapidly improve conditioning and get shredded for the beach, a high-intensity cardio vascular strength training workout routine is what you want. Create a six week cycle of free weight/body weight training consisting of super sets: 10 reps per set, 3 sets per exercise, and 8 exercises per day. Day 1: pecs and lats. Day 2: legs and delts. Day 3: triceps, biceps, and core. Day 4: full body compound movements. Be creative with body weight, balance, and high intensity intervals to boost your burn.” – Tony Molina, featured on VH1’s “Hollywood’s Tightest Bodies,”  clients include Ralph Lauren and Liev Schreiber.